WE WANT A SOLO QUEUE IN ALL TIERS.dynamic queue is a fun queue for casual players but the worst possible ranked queue riot could have thought of.is there a point in a rank that doesnt represent your abilities in the game? 1.dynamic queue favors premades. 2.dynamic queue creates unbalanced teams. 3.dynamic queue shuts down communication between teamates who are not premades. 4.dynamic queue creates horrible queue wait times. 5.dynamic queue makes the ranked queue more casual and kills the competitiveness in the lower tiers of the game. 6.a competitive queue should be promoting sportsmanship between premades and non premades 7.a competitive queue should promote communication between premades and non premades Edit: a lot of players came in and said:the problem is that there are not many players who pick support. of course there arent,as someone who used to play support too in solo queue dynamic queue doesnt promote solo players picking support.A queue in which players pick support to play a match with a fair matchmaking and low queue wait times has obviously failed.Honestly in solo queue most people wouldnt mind going support,of course there were people that dodged but for the most part you knew that your teamates were on your level and not some randoms.I have seen more support brands and luxes the past 2 days than i had seen the entire last season
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