Need new top laners to play

I love playing in the top lane. The amount of pure power of top lane champions is awesome to play with in my opinion. I am currently a Fiora main but I want to expand my champion pool and learn more. My preferred requirements are... - I love bruisers (champions who can handle 1v1s and 2v1s without a problem) - I love split pushers - I will not play Teemo, Quinn, or Kayle (basically no ranged champions) - I don't prefer tanks, but I would give them a try - I like champions with a high learning curve - I know a little bit of Yasuo, Riven, Illaoi, and I just recently started playing Kled If you have any questions about my preferences or anything else in general feel free to ask me. If you have an champion suggestions for me, please let me know! Thanks for reading! P.S. Current builds and runes on the champion would be helpful too :D
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