New Nimbus Cloak keystone on Zoe.

So they are changing Nimbus Cloak to do the following. Nimbus Cloak (S2) - Changed from [shortly after casting your Ultimate] to [Shortly after casting a Summoner Spell] - Movement speed increased from 100 to 150 If you ask me that it a pretty bad change for most champs as Summner spells are a lot more valuable then an ultimate and have longer cooldown most of the time. However, Zoe, on the other hand, has access to summoner spells quite often thanks to her W so I was thinking this might be really really good on her. I'm still conflicted though because I'd have to give up Mana Flow Band, which, thanks to the Mana nerfs long ago, is absolutely crucial for most mages to have. I would like some thoughts on what others think would be the better choice.
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