Shyvana has to be the most disappointing champion in the game

Just a complete disconnect from her fantasy vs her delivery. Shyvana is quite possibly _the_ most barebones champion ever made. She runs at you, she runs at you a little faster, and she hits you. Sometimes she jumps at you. I don't like the "muh stat check" non-argument but when you get a champion this 1-dimensional I feel like it's impossible to not bring up. Shyvana is the worst sort of stat check; one who has literally nothing else going for her but her numbers. Even the other shit champs that do this at least offer you something to make your team tolerate having you there. Tryndamere can reduce AD by _fucking 80_ for 4 seconds. Trundle has his pillar for god-tier utility. Volibear is a great hard shut-down to mobility and dash-based all ins like Alistar and Irelia. Voli's even showing up in challenger games as a _support_ just to counter Alistar in EUW and KR. Shyvana? Well, if Shyvana's numbers ain't good enough.. you just aren't gonna play her. That's it. That's all there is to her. And it's so disappointing because a champion who transforms into a fire-breathing dragon really deserves to hold the title better than she does. There's no fallback plan; there's no "niche" that she slots into. She's just good, or she's not, and that's a shame. I'm amazed that Shyvana isn't complained about more. IMO she's been done dirty.
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