Does anyone even buy Frozen Heart?

I remember {{item:3110}} being one of the best tank items and had huge impact on team fights. Now I can't remember the last time I got the thing. I believe it was 2-3 seasons ago. Didn't get it this season, or the last and maybe in season 6, but it was still weak even then. It used to be good because it gave 100 armour (Fucking huge and impactfull back then), 20% cdr (Only few bruiser/tank items had it),mana (Great build-path for mana hungry champions) and 25% attack speed reduction (old one). If you managed to get thins thing none of the aa champions could kill you easily if they didn't commit to some armor pen. Now it's one of the worst tank items around. 100 armour? {{item:3075}} is better. Mana?{{item:3025}} and gives dmg. Cdr? Fuck that everything gives you cdr. Attack speed slow? {{item:3075}} {{item:3143}} give it too and most will kill you before the 3rd aa without hp.
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