A suggestion to resolve instalocking & such

NOTE: This does not address the issue of lane stealing. (I.e., where one player has a champion chosen for a role/lane, and then another player chooses to do that too. E.g., in ranked draft first pick picks an ADC, and then later the 4th pick also picks an ADC.) 1) In all modes (or all summoner rift modes), add a cumulative 5 second delay for each player after the first. (Randomly shuffle the order players pick in if not already done in all modes.) E.g., first player has no delay. 2nd player cannot select a champion for 5 seconds. 3rd player for 10 seconds. 4th for 15. 5th for 20. In draft modes, this would be more like: - If 2 players are able to pick at the same time, the first has no delay, the second has a 5 second delay. Etc etc. Players can still talk things out if they want. But in situations where it would just be a call-fest or an insta-lock fest, this provides a fair, random way to decide who gets the role they want, and who has to fill in for the team.
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