I think five seasons is long enough to be in prison.

{{champion:76}} Nidalee as been at or near the bottom of performance for a solid five season. And it's weird, because she's not mechanically intricate. Hit Q, transform, jump on them and use your other abilities. There _are_ other champions who see poor performance due to being hard for newcomers (to the champ). Akali's a good example, where the majority drag her down but after only around 50 games you get fantastic performance out of her. But that's not true of Nidalee. She's not hard to play, she's hard to _win with_ because they completely destroyed the function of her main ability, on top of making it her only way to engage. Her Q is way too slow and way too thin, so the only options you really have are to become actually psychic or only throw it from AA range. All because she was a little too strong for a little while five years ago. Instead of letting this continue, it's time for either a mini or full rework. (And a buff to her E instead of the actual problem ability isn't going to do much) To say that she's hard would be like saying old Taric was hard. Yeah, you handicapped yourself by picking him. But that doesn't mean it took any more skill to do so.
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