Diamond+ already got SoloQ

So, what about the rest of us? WE ALL want soloQ, not just high elo. What is this Favouritistic bullshit Riot? Why not bing SoloQ for everyone? Are they more competitive than the rest of us? Competitiveness isn't determined by Elo Riot, it's something WE ALL have, EVERYONE that plays Ranked with a goal of ascending IS PLAYING COMPETITIVELY AND COMPETES WITH THE REST OF THE PLAYERS. SoloQ is something essential for EVERYONE, not the just elite few. Bring it back as it should and do it NOW!!! EDIT: What riot wants to do according to a thread about a survey for the ranking system is, they will have 2 ranking ladders below diamond with 2 ranking systems, 1 Solo/Duo and one Dynamic, with new tiers for the Dynamic ladder. Now, the thing is, that, the matchmaking pool will contain EVERYONE below diamond and match them together. You will have the same shit matchmaking as now but you will be rated differently... That's nothing more than a Placebo from Riot to stop the crowd from "complaining".... It's pure bullshit. Riot, just bring back SoloQ already.
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