What Yasuo should have:

* movement like teh wind * potent and disciplined abilities and strikes * powerful but somewhat unwieldy attacks; the man is wielding a Monster Hunter Longsword, for crying out loud What Yasuo should not have: * literal actual dbz speed, aside from warping with his ult * A Windwall that costs nothing, lasts 4 whole seconds AND stays put the entire time * an AoE tornado that travels at mach 4 towards your soon-to-be corpse Things that would be cool if Yasuo **did** have, making him more flavorful while also giving him any sense agency whatsoever: * a Windwall that moved forward at a good pace, eventually no longer being in between Yasuo and his target (potentialy slows as well? Too much?) * a longer ranged but slightly slower initial dash, at the cost of **significantly shorter dashes tied to a cooldown for a time afterwards** * Any mechanics whatsoever tied to his wind meter (i.e. Windwall/additional dashes spend it) * A Q that instead of being quick having a lower cooldown based on attack speed, is a little slower but becomes more powerful instead, like a really precise and disciplined jab with a giant sword would be But alas: I am just venting as a Yasuo hater, not as a Yasuo main. He's titled The Unforgiven. He has it coming.
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