@Riot, we beg of you, do one last class update: Enchanters

{{champion:40}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} These champions just scream binary stat check and zero skill expression, and it's sad because theres so much more that could be done with their themes. **Janna is a Weather Manipulator and has gameplay about as deep as a kiddie pool** She basically is an E Bot that occasionally presses other buttons in the general direction of people. Nothing about her is fun to play as or against. **Soraka is supposed to be THE healer, yet just presses W a few times until she dies and occasionally R's with no warning from across the map.** You could make her ult way more powerful but have a channel time like Karthus or Taric R to give some counterplay. **Sona uses music to battle but is the definition of faceroll** How do you define a GOOD Sona Player? You don't. Their mechanical skill plateaus at "Press ALL Buttons at the start of a fight". She could be so much more with that concept. **Lulu, the most interesting of the bunch -- A Fairy Yordle. Quite an interesting concept, but shes almost entirely point and click with linear abilities.** I've always wanted to see lulu be able to "Minimize" an enemy with her ult, instead of only being able to ult a teammate. This would fit her theme of "Do I buff my allies or debuff my enemies?". He Q should also be changed to a different spell completely, it just feels SO clunky.
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