Gamble or Dodge?

So I went to play a ranked game this afternoon, got Bot role in lobby with last pick on my team. Support declares Janna, while mid, top, and jungle declare Zed, Fiora, and Rengar respectively. As we lock in bans I politely ask we not run a comp with two assassins and a duelist. The trio seemed to think a razor edged and razor thin team was a better idea. After other team locked in Sejuani, Braum, and Caitlyn, and my teammates locked in their choices with Irelia (instead of Fiora) and Kayne (instead of Rengar), I felt put in a bad spot to take any adc. There would be no peels. There was nothing resembling a front line. Do you gamble a ranked game at 0 LP and possible demotion, or do you dodge a team comp you feel is doomed to fail?
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