F in the chat for the support role.

Preseason is upon us and with it comes the new support items. With that, support becomes a dead role. The freed up early gold is nice, I’m not gonna lie, but it isn’t going to matter when everyone realizes they’ll only be able to complete one item before their gold income falls off a cliff. From then on they’ll be reduced to ward bots as that’s the only thing the’ll be able to afford. Nobody’s gonna play support anymore. You have no gold, no items, no impact, and no champion diversity. You can either play Pyke, Thresh, Janna, or Soraka. Probably. I dunno. But we will definitely see many, many picks leave the role. No more Swain, Lux, Brand, Morg, Sona, etc. You can’t even play tanks. With the buffs to lethality items and your nonexistent gold assassins like Pyke or Zed will just shred you. That is, if the enemy Yasuo with 100% crit with two Cloaks doesn’t first. Then you spend the rest of the game doing literally nothing because if you even think about going in the real champs on the enemy team will just step on you. No gold, no tank stats. Worse than useless. Enchanters will be completely useless. The loss of mana regen and CDR will mean far less up time without sufficient gold income to make up for it. Sure it’ll feel good to rush an early Athene’s but once you have it that only marks the beginning of your rapid decline into irrelevance. Ditto mages. The mana costs of champions like Lux and Morgana will make playing support completely impossible. Support is returning to being the role you have to tolerate one out of every five games or so. The role where someone has to take one for the team every now and again and be everyone else’s little wardbot. I hope you guys like autofill because it’s about to get much worse.
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