Why is smite not available until you reach level 10?

New players aren't just all of a sudden going to know what they're doing when they hit level 10. Hell, when I first started playing, I didn't know what the fuck I was doing until tons of games after level 30, taken this was season 2. I would legit build 6 needlessly large rods on teemo, regardless, this shit is idiotic. I've been playing on a smurf where I just lose games due to the fact that it's legit a 2v1 top lane every single fucking game where I'm the one player, and I'm playing Jax against a Caitlyn Darius duo where they're smurfing as well. Smurf detection has picked me up so I get other smurfs in my game, but low level blind pick is so fucking toxic because of this. You have no objective control and you have new players wondering what the fuck is going on because they're fighting 2 people top lane. Address this.
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