Better Diana reworks

It seems like Diana will be Zhanos snapped in 9.11. So, let’s quickly use quantum physics to go back in time and do a little bit of redesigning! First, an introducion to those who think “What is a Diana?” (It seems Zhanos fits in here) Diana is an AP diver assassin who either gets ahead and solocarries, or who falls behind and has to watch her team die. This is due to the fact that she has no escapes but a strong engage, meaning that if she cannot even oneshot one squishy, she is done for. Now, onto the Zhanos snap and why Diana mains might suddenly hate him. He intends to turn Diana into a fighter, which would in itself be weird for midlane. But the way he does it is even weirder. First, he nerfs AP scaling on her 3 hit passive, then he removes gaining AS for 3 autos if you cast an ability, and in return you get 0.1 base AS and a small MS buff. This would mean Diana can chase or escape fights better, but the AS steroid to win those fights is gone. QoL changes on Q bla bla, uninteresting. E CD buffed? 20>12 seconds on our last leveled ability isn’t what we need. You use it when you engage to provide some CC for your team, and then forget about it. But hey, at least they removed the increased passive AS you get from it. Woohoo! Then, as for the cherry, ult cast time doubled so you can’t clutch a fight like Diana is supposed to. Instead of these terrible ideas about a “fighter Diana”, lets just talk about how to make her relevant. Maybe a modernised E that feels better to use, more dashes on her ult and some more skill needed for her W could do the trick. E- Instead of bringing everyone closer to you so they can kill you faster, you can now send them away. Of course, we won’t remove your ability to catch that one squishy that slipped away. On your first cast, you send the enemies around you flying away, giving you some breathing time. (I would say maybe 2/3 of her E range as hit area, knockback 1/3 of the E range. 0.25 sec cast time to feel nice and smooth.) Now onto the second cast. Normal E stuff as usual. Normal cast time as well, and it can interrupt the first cast if pressed fast enough. This would give Diana some survivability and extra CC for her team to enjoy, meaning she is less of a fed or feed champion. It would also make her less 2D without changing part of her kit significantly. Now for some smaller changes: W- The orbs now dont rotate, deal damage in a triangle and dont instantly proc if using ult (I think this is because of you going through a champion meaning that technically her W orbs hit something). This means you have to actively move around your target to get the damage down just like Urgot’s !SHOTGUN K N E E S! Together with this, getting hit with an orb increases damage from the others by 10-20ish percent (and this stacks). More skill to proc it, more damage to reward the skill. Better for Zhanos’ “fighter Diana” as well! R- Instead of consuming all stacks of Moonlight immediately, it only consumes that of the first target hit, then the second cast within 3-5 seconds consumes the others. As a counter to this increased mobility, maybe she can only ult targets that have the Moonlight debuff. More mobility, more fun! And on top of that, you need to hit your Q. More skill needed, more fun! Let me know what you think of these changes, imo it could make Diana 3D and increase her relevancy without making her too strong immediately. Her W is better against jungle monsters, and maybe her E wont be leveled for the AS steroid steroid. As a last note, Zhanos, I don’t hate you. But please don’t Zhanos snap our Diana. Now let’s hope some people find this between all the Yuumi stuff out there.
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