Can we get some Renekton buffs? He's in the worst state he has ever been at..

Renekton's state since Conqueror Rework
Post with 2 views. Renekton's state since Conqueror Rework
this is just crazy how riot continuously buffing every champion in this entire game but Renekton. whenever they nerf conqueror, they nerf renekton. when they remove spear of shojin, they nerf renekton. they buff healing reduction? they nerf renekton. they buff poppy, malphite, pantheon, Fiora, tryndamere, and the list goes on and on, and all they give to renekton is 25% more healing on an ability with above 10 seconds cooldown that heals you to a cap, and a shield break you can only (and barely ever) proc on empowered w XD. MEANWHILE, Fiora gets to proc vitals that heal her, she gets to have true damage, mobility, slows, short cooldowns, or Darius, gets to have his armor reduction on his e as a PASSIVE, not a ability u need to proc to get it while not being able to use it at all. (FOR EXAMPLE, as renekton you can never proc your empowered e and use ur armor reduction because if u use it then u will do absolutely no damage since all of ur damage comes from ur emp w and emp q), he also gets true damage and also gets resets on his w on minions (Fiora gets that too actually.), and every other top laner gets to have either max health damage, current health DPS, true damage, a global ultimate or short cooldowns (especially on r), while Renekton has absurd 18 seconds cd dash lvl 1 and a 120 seconds ultimate at all ranks (that only gives him 250 hp Lvl 1, 500 lvl 2, 750 lvl 3) without any stats and just fury per second, just for comparison, let's compare it to Nasus, he gets 300 / 450 / 600 hp and ON TOP OF THAT 15 / 35 / 55 bonus armor&mr AND 50 bonus range on his basic attacks (Renekton gets only 25) AND higher ap scaling (2% more but don't forget he has ap ratio on E too and renek doesn't) ANDDDD 50% cooldown reduction on Q ANDDD 15 / 30 / 45 BONUS armor & mr over the ultimate duration. Renekton has a stun and nasus doesn't? well, renekton has a 1.5s stun when empowered, Nasus, on the other hand, has 47 / 59 / 71 / 83 / 95% slow that lasts for 5 seconds. hmm. The only reason renekton don't have less than 48% win rate is that he counters Yasuo, and irelia, and riven, all champions that have a HIGH pick rate, but on the other hand, if he gets matchups except those champions (and kayle), he'll get OBLIRIATED. like, there's no hope anymore for Renekton to exist in this meta other than a complete rework. Now people will say, "BUTT, BUTTT, renekton one-shots meeee, he can't be that bad? right?" yea, he has good burst damage, EARLY GAME, like most top laners, that can press their buttons, and land abilities, you also forget that if u dodge renekton's e his e will go on 18 seconds cooldown, you also forget he doesn't deal any true damage and you can easily just buy tabbies and a bramble vest and counter all of his burst, you also forget that he is vulnerable to poke, and he cant sustain without minions. so yea, here is your answer, you can legit play the lane safe and ask for ganks (renekton has no tool of escaping other than an 18 seconds dash which he has to land on an enemy champion or minion, if jungler comes from the side he has no tool of escaping) and you will auto-win vs renekton, every, single, time. plz buff renekton :(

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