Can you decide wether J4 is a diver or a oneshot bot?

I mean when i first found out about J4 he was this big muthafucka that engaged and locked down people. And he had enough dmg on his own to do like 70% of squishy health. Right now i just see J4's ( when we actually see em lawl ) build a warrior and a lethality item and instantly oneshot everything that isnt't a full armor tank. His tank build aint even toxic unlike other champs cause his actual cc is hard to land on a competent player. His full ad builds are toxic and they oneshot harder than a Rengar consistently. Yet everytime i see a J4 change is a nerf to his utility or defences. Nobody likes oneshot bot J4 yet you keep pushing him to that full ad build. You could litterally tone down his bases and scaling and improve his shield and make him a glorious iniciator again that locks people down away from his team or for his team to wombo.

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