Position ranked is doomed to fail, and anyone could have seen this from a mile away.

So position ranked is already looking like dynamic queue round 2, and the worst part is all these issues could be seen before it was even implemented. It's actually shocking that Riot either did not or was wilfully ignorant in implementing this flawed system. So i'll highlight the issues I figured out months ago and why this system is doomed to fail: 1. The obvious one, increased grind. No one wants to grind more, absolutely no one. The number one complaint in league? No not Yasuo is op but "I can't climb". Climbing can be hard and even frustrating, no one wants it to be harder. Most people in league play 2 roles, a main and secondary as per the queue system and now with the new system your autofill games will also be separate. So that's 3 separate ranks already for the vast majority of your playerbase compared to 1 previously. This is a BIG mistake. 2. Autofill games, this one is actually shocking to me. Usually when you design a replacement system, your new system is an improvement. No one liked autofill before, but now no one even tries in their autofill games, that's even worse. You did not fix the autofill issue, you simply made it worse. So your main design goal has already failed here. 3. Related to the previous, anything that is not your main role just generally feels like a waste of time. Game quality has significantly dropped because people are not on their main role, hence they do not care. 4. 3 LP splash is a joke, I would have to play 30 games to climb one division. 5. 3 LP loss for losing on an offrole is both irrelevant, and not punishing enough at the same time. If someone trolls on autofill 3 LP loss is nothing as punishment. On the otherhand it feels very bad to lose 3 LP on your main role just cause you performed bad on another role. 6. Role swapping with your duo for LP gains, gaming the system. Everyone has heard about this one 7. Honest role swapping can no longer be done. Every now and then someone friendly would swap with you if you were autofilled and you got to play your main role, this is impossible now. 8. League as of Sylas has 143 champions. This is not a game where you generally stick to one role, and people often like changing things up. And those skills are transferable so having them be separate ranks not only feels bad, it feels like forced unnecessary grind. 9. Rank no longer feels like a summation of your league achievements. It felt good earning a single rank and having that single goal every season. Now it just feels like a chore. I cannot see a single benefit to this new system, and the one thing it aimed to fix, autofill, is even worse now. Please Riot, revert this system and don't let it be a repeat of dynamic queue.
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