Veigar Underrated Mid

Veigar is one of those low IP champions that I picked up in Season 2. I think Veigar is misunderstood and not played enough to see his true power. However, Veigar is a team base champion. A fed Veigar will shut down any other fed champion in the game early to mid game ofc. Late game, Veigar relies on his team to set up massive game changing and usually game ending matches. My best kill per match right now on him is 14. I have only played a couple games, my most recent was checking out him as a support champion; not a good idea. However, Veigar R is the main reason why I like him. His R is powerful, especially against AP users. However, a lot of people misunderstand that his E,W,Q,R combo kills any squishy. His R is suppose to be used to set up easy kills on AP users. But some of Veigars counters such as: {{champion:91}} , {{champion:157}} , & {{champion:238}} will die to his burst if he catches them mid to late game. Now I have seen a lot of comparisons of this guy with {{champion:1}} . While not taking anything way from {{champion:1}} , Veigar can set up far better team organized attack than her. Why? His E is a stun regardless of cast times. His W deals little lower or same damage than Annies W+R combo. He can drop his W more than once in a team fight and I have done this often to set up triple kills for myself. Veigar demands respect a lot more than annie imo. If you dont kill Veigar, he could basically look at a bruiser champion and say Die Now and they do so. DFG was great but he is still the same explosive champion as before. However, there is one thing that I dislike about Veigar that I think should be addressed. Movement Speed. His CD are in a great location with 40% CDR. However, this little guy requires a lot of help in this area: MS. With boots he runs at a slow 385 MS. With only his E as an escape route, I feel he doesn't play the way the LoL Developers want champions to play. In essence, Veigar plays passively by which I mean, he runs in, does damage, walks away, repeats. Hes hard to jump on because all he does is E your team, Drop a W in the team, throw a Q at the team and maybe use his R if the enemy squishy is there. Then he walks backwards and disappears into the fog of war until his CD are up. An idea of how to address his movement speed is to buff his base speed but I think this is needed as he is a burst mage, but I think his passive could include some additions. {New Passive Idea} Keep same passive but add: Veigar gains 5 movement speed for every enemy hit with spells, max of 25 MS for 2 seconds and refreshes each time an enemy is damaged by a spell. The idea is to promote Veigar to poke with his Q but still be OK if he joins his team in fighting people because he is very CD reliant.
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