Season seven is really... hard at the beginning

I don't know what the zoo was thinking... putting all these computers in animal exhibits on an elevated platform and all. But is borderline scary always seeing that one person who literally is unfit to use a computer without some sort of assistance by a chaperone. You know the type- the Vayne that will tumble into melee range nonstop despite you being Janna and literally dumping every last shield, summoner spell and ult to keep them out of it... The person who literally did not read all of their mobafire guide before locking in Evelynn jungle and going 0/13. The boostedness seems to be centered around bot lane and how one is incredibly ill-equipped to fill a role and the other just follows suit. How do you fix it outside of just going bot lane yourself and praying that the jungler, mid, top and support are somewhat capable? Edit: Treating the entire game like you're still in Co-op vs Ai makes it a lot easier to understand since that's where a majority of people retained their skills from, allowing you to play dumb stuff like Veigar support and go 10/2 from the poop-tier adc/autofilled support walking into every one of your skills and pretty much dying when they get stuck in your E at level 6.
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