I'm getting super tired of hearing people complain about "mages" being broken

Especially since EVERYONE IS SO LOOSE WITH WHAT A MAGE IS. I was watching a hashinshin stream a while back and he called leblanc and katarina mages when he was complaining about every game having at least 3 mages in it. This is interesting since nobody in their right mind would ever just call someone like zed or talon an AD caster to justify AD casters being broken. No, THEY'RE ASSASSINS. And no, he was not complaining about AP itemization, he was complaining specifically about mages. Strangely enough, most mages have a moderate winrate with a relatively low pickrate. On this list is(u.gg plat+ worldwide) Mid: Annie: 51.05% 1.7% Cass: 50.61% 1.8% Ziggs: 50.64% 1.8% Viktor: 48.93% 2.1% Lissandra: 47.16% 2.2% Azir: 48.31% 2.5% Anivia: 51.30% 2.6% Syndra: 48.14% 2.8% Xerath: 50.48% 4.0% Neeko: 51.02% 4.1% Zoe(may be considered assassin depending on who you ask): 49.60% 4.3% Veigar: 50.56% 4.6% Twisted Fate: 49.91% 5.5% Orianna: 49.38% 5.9% The mages with a high winrate and pickrate mid are(just winrate is not really a good metric since one tricks skew the data when the pickrate is low, and it is for quite a few inc asol): Ahri(debatably a mage, generally considered an assassin) - 52.86% 10.9% Lux- 52.87% 7.5% Vladimir- 50.69% 6.9% Malzahar- 53.00% 6.2% Sup: Xerath: 49.13% 1.5% Fiddle: 50.08% 2.9% Vel: 49.38% 2.9% Zilean: 51.28% 3.6% Brand: 49.26% 3.6% Zyra: 50.43% 3.8% The only mages with a high winrate and/or pickrate support are morgana, karma(debatably a mage), and lux Let's just put all of the mages played top onto a list using pickrate and winrate: Karma: 53.49% 2.5% Neeko: 52.12% 2.2% Kennen(maybe a mage?): 50.77% 3.8% **What's the point of all these statistics? To show that mages as a whole are not overperforming, it is just a few champions who are. As a whole magers are balanced. Any classwide nerf would absolutely ruin champions like lissandra or ziggs, who are already struggling right now.** Real talk though- Generally, people are going to complain about a class that their main loses to. So it makes sense that a lot of juggernaut and bruiser mains are complaining, since high cc is one of their biggest weaknesses. You'll see the same thing in other scenarios- ADCs complaining about assassins-, mages complaining about assassins, assassins complaining about tanks, enchanters, and bruisers, etc etc. All I ask is for people to stop making sweeping claims about entire classes by cherrypicking champions who are overperforming. Edit: The reason this is mainly about mages is because mages are the current target of this.
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