Quinn is now two years old. Also two years old? Quinn's bugs.

After two years and numerous claims of having fixed some of her bugs, Riot has still not put a dent into the problems that keep Quinn from being a competitively viable champion. A month (well, 28 days) ago I put up a thread detailing her problems and what needs to be fixed. 28 days later, the thread has 110 upvotes and 134 comments. None of them are from Riot. It's baffling that her many bugs could go unnoticed and unfixed this long. It's painful as a Quinn main to see every new champion get bugfix galore the patch after release, when Quinn has got nothing. It's time Riot fixes her issues. Here is a list of Quinn's bugs: - Enemy's first attack always ignores blind - Harrier is consumed if the target goes untargetable, but the particle still remains on the champion even after they are targetable again (also happens when blocked by wind wall [and I assume Unbreakable too]) - Quinn's AAs can be cancelled even after they are in flight - E can kick off 90 degrees in the wrong direction if the enemy flashes or dashes away (I remember when Riot claimed they had "fixed" this. Still happens.) - E takes Quinn outside of her AA range, making her have to walk forward to attack her target - Harrier sometimes doesn't apply after E (yet another one that was "fixed") - E will sometimes "stun" Quinn, making her unable to move or attack (I've personally only experienced this when using it on Scuttle Crab) And that's just her confirmed, easily noticeable, easy to recreate bugs. There are also reports of the following bugs happening: - Q during Tag Team will sometimes blind the user - E not kicking off at all or kicking off in melee range - Range for passive to apply is shorter than AA range - Q dying in midair if Quinn dies (many other skillshots do this so I think this is an overall Riot inconsistency thing, but if it does die in midair then I think Riot should standardize so it doesn't) - Being stuck in Valor form after ultimate ends - Many, many more that I either don't remember or am too lazy to go find right now Quinn's issues aren't just bugs though. Her AA animations are the worst in her class when it comes to canceling and orbwalking (not counting Urgot here for obvious reasons). Skystrike's damage is at its highest when her enemies are dead. The cooldown of Tag Team starts when Skystrike is cast, rather than at the beginning of the duration, punishing Quinn for making use of her ultimate's potential 20 second duration. Her passive will often target minions who are already killable by a non-enhanced AA, or target minions who are in the middle of dying. I honestly think no one is satisfied with Quinn as she is right now. Quinn mains are mad that she's buggy. Top laners hate that they still have to deal with her. Supports don't want to support her. If you pick her mid, your team is likely to get mad at your "troll pick". How can Riot be satisfied with Quinn in this state? I'm not dumb enough to suggest Quinn get buffs without any sort of compensatory nerf. After all, a fixing a significant bug is a buff, for all intents and purposes. And Quinn is in no way weak. Her bullying and safety in the top lane are potent. As a bot or mid laner she scales into a terrifying assassin-carry. Quinn can and probably should receive nerfs in the event that Riot fixes her, at the same time the fixes are implemented (to avoid repeating Azir's ordeal). A couple of great changes would be nerfs to Harrier's damage in the early game and a change in blind's duration from a flat 1.5 seconds to a scaling 1-2 seconds. These would greatly reduce her bullying power in top lane, while keeping her lategame intact for bot and mid. I'd love for Quinn to be a competitively viable pick, but between her bugs and her other inconsistencies she won't ever see play, no matter how much the meta shifts in her favor. Riot's ignorance of Quinn is unacceptable. EDIT: Glad to see the support. However, many people are coming in here and asking many of the same questions without reading the rest of the discussion, so I'm going to put this here to clarify some things. I will also be adding in other bugs from the comments into the OP. FAQ: Q: Isn't blind working as intended? If a attack is declared before blind is applied it goes through. A: Well sadly the attack goes through even if declared after blind is applied. Blind being based on when an attack is declared is fine, but the way Riot has implemented that is by making the first attack go through no matter what, which means that in many cases the spell does not work as intended (for example - you can blind Jinx in the animation of her W or R and her first attack will still go through) Q: Isn't Teemo also affected by that blind bug? A: Yes. Not really sure why that's so important. Doesn't change the fact that it should be fixed. Q: OMG How can you suggest Quinn buffs when she's so OP? A: I suggested compensatory nerfs that you would have seen had you actually read the thread. Also something tells me you main an immobile melee... Q: Other ranged champions have similar AA cancelling issues, stop complaining. A: Please play Quinn and you'll understand. Not only are Quinn's AA animations the worst in the entire ADC class, but her passive enhanced AA animation is even worse. Also, she has only 525 range and is supposed to be played in a duo lane. I understand that several mages also have shitty AAs but for them AAs aren't their life. Q: Isn't the thing with's Quinn's E intended? A: While the kickoff distance is supposed to change based on original distance, I do not believe it is intended for Quinn to land farther than her AA range. Regardless of whether it is truly a "bug" or not, it is something that should be fixed as it can be frustrating to many Quinn players.
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