Cho'Gath is seriously a joke right now

Not that he hasn't been stupidly good since his rework, but now with even more health stacking with the runes he can lose lane and still end up with 7k HP and do 1000 damage to a carry by pressing R with no counterplay. This is exactly how a champ should NOT be designed. Champs should reward high skill with high reward. Cho is just plain brain dead and gets nearly invincible no matter what you do all game. This is not how champs should be designed. Honestly if he just lost health stacks when he was killed he'd be perfectly fine. Whoever got rid of that is an absolute idiot. Decisions like that are why your game is dying. (if it weren't for the time wasted falacy this game would have less players than Black Tiger on PS4, but everyone wasted so much time on this game when it was decent that now we all feel like we have to keep playing)
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