Tower Diving

I will break down how long it takes to tower dive for several champs. Let me show you how disadvantaged Akali will be in tower diving, versus how she is now. All calculations assume average resistances and health, with full build. Turrets attack speed is 0.83, so there would be about 8 shots in every 10 seconds. {{champion:30}} - Wall of pain, several lay wastes + Defile ticks. Takes about 4-5 seconds, not including Death Defied. This equates to about 4 turret shots. {{champion:38}} - Accounting for Riftwalk CD, it equates to about 3-4 seconds, or 3 turret shots. {{champion:238}} - Most of the time, when I face Zed, he does his full combo in around 2 seconds, or 2 turret shots. {{champion:84}} - E,E2, Q,W,Q,R1, Q,R2. When you include passive procs, this becomes somewhere around 7-8 seconds, depending on how fast you do it. You'd get shot 6-7 times. With the new nerf she'll take at least 2 extra shots. You guys see now?
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