Kennen or Kled for SoloQ and should I spam SoloQ or not

Hi everyone, First thing, I just got 6300 IP and wondering if I should go with Kled or Kennen for my next purchase. I heard that Kled was the best for SoloQ, but Kennen seems fun and she's pretty much on a good spot right now. I mean, Keld is perfectly going with my playstyle, but if I can solocarry with Kennen and win most of my games with her I'm not saying no to that option. There is my if you want to look for my mostely played champs and stuff like that: Second, I'm a bronze player and I don't know if spamming SoloQ could be a good idea to get out of this elo. You can have a look at my games and again if you want to but some Gold friends are always telling me to play more games to climb because I don't deserve my actual elo. But I'm still wondering if it could be a good idea. I mean most of players are just spamming soloQ and they don't even know that normal exists but could it be the solution to climb? I'll let you answer and I'm goign to consider your answers carefully. ***English is not my min language so sorry if there is some errors but I'm climbing on this aspect too XD*** Thanks and have a nice day!! :D
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