Honest question about missing my skill shot on purpose...

I know the title sounds ridiculous, but I play support - usually Lux or Zyra. And very frequently I try to block/zone the enemy adc/support in by putting my Lucent Singularity or my zyra plants behind the team, and then Q'ing around them to make them panic/block them in. My strategy for this is for the team to be stuck, and give my adc the chance to burn them down. I'll also do this if say my team and I are chasing someone and I go around and try to use my skills in front of them so the enemy team has no choice but to turn around or take the dmg. However, lately I keep getting flamed by my team and called things like "autist" because I'm "missing my skill shots" I've tried explaining this strategy to my team and they end up calling me a retard, lol. So is this strategy of mine just as stupid as people are telling me it is? I honestly don't know, because I'm pretty low in the ranks/elo.
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