MAJOR Heimerdinger changes have accidentally been pushed to Live. Winrate's dropped: 52.9% -> 47.1%

MAJOR Heimerdinger buffs/nerfs Accidentally pushed to Live
Rito Spaghetti back at it again.
None of this is mentioned in the Patch Notes and has ever been on PBE. I've put together a video showcasing all of the undocumented changes that I've found. TLDR; * E's stun duration now lasts 0.25 seconds. It normally lasts 1.25 seconds. It now lasts as long as an Aatrox Q. * You gain a Turret(Q) charge upon respawning. This can bug out if you already have 2 Turrets as you respawn and you can end-up holding 4 Turret Kits. * R+W and W no longer share a cooldown. This means that you can R+W, even if W is on cooldown. My guess is that these changes are a subset of some other Heim changes that haven't been revealed yet and managed to sneak their way through to live. Unless he gets disabled / hotfixed quickly, you can go and try all of these out right now.
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