The Climb: Advanced Yasuo Tips & Tricks | Redmercy

Since his release, Yasuo has been seen as one of the most challenging champions in League -- a champ whose squishiness and insane damage potential demand an incredibly quick, decisive player at the helm to be successful.

In this video, Redmercy looks to increase your personal affinity and aptitude with The Unforgiven by breaking down four flashy, mechanically intensive tricks to outplay your opponents.

What’s the best play you’ve ever made with Yasuo? Let us know in the comments below!


Creator Background

Educational Youtuber and Diamond midlaner Redmercy has been playing League since Season 1 and making guides since 2010, having tallied up an incredible 144.3 million views in that time. His favorite experience in League of Legends is learning and understanding complex champions and mechanics with the ultimate goal of killing enemies and winning games.

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