Fixing Akali

{{champion:84}} Akalis high banrate stems from her unfair and anti fun kit for players opposing her. I am a mid-lane main that plays many different midlaners and believe the best way to balance Akali to a non perma banned and flat out anti fun champ would be to change 2 of her mechanics. True stealth is simply a broken concept, being able to completely remove the ability to be targeted EVEN BY TOWERS was obviously going to be a nightmare for her lane opponents. Any chance of locking her down under tower if she positions poorly or dives is basically removed and really hurts the laners who are generally weaker in combat or just takes a bad trade. Towers shouldnt be able to be ignored simply by a champions kit. So there are two ways in my opinion this could give the opponent counter play. **1.** Grant Akali stealth against champions and minions but allow her to still be targeted by the tower. **2.** Decrease the duration of her W if it falls into tower range (like Azir soldiers). This will make tower diving riskier for her giving her less time to do extended damage and force her to plan a dive far more. And probably what I find to be the most unnecessary part of her kit would be her 0 cooldown passive, it gives Akali so much trade pressure. Its a passive that just goes against the Assassin burst rules because she is able to extend fights far longer than any other assassin. Lets compare Akalis trading to other assassins. Talon W Q Auto for passive and now he can either backup or wait 6+ seconds for his abilities to start coming up. Zed W E Q Auto for passive and is now left extremely vulnerable without shadow and has to wait 6 seconds for Q his main damage and having a 10s passive. Fizz W Q E and is left to auto attack with his W active being extremely vulnerable without E and now has to wait 6-10 seconds for his abilities. LeBlanc Q W E and left vulnerable without W and having to wait also 6-10 seconds for her abilities. What each Assassin has in common is after their burst they are left open and lacking dps for quite a decent window. But Akalis passive having 0 cooldown turns her trades into something broken. Q Passive E E Passive W Q Passive and a brief moment later her Q can be used again for 4 total passive procs lvl 3 all while being able to retreat to her w if she misses her combos or is about to get counter poked. I believe to balance her passive put there are a few options **1.** Give her passive a cooldown on individual champions for maybe 6 seconds lvl 1-6, 4 seconds 7-11, and 3 seconds 12+. **2.** Revert her passive to something similiar to prerework akali making her first auto heal(only against champions/large monsters because her Q also grants healing) and her 2nd auto bonus onhit damage. **3.** Removing the energy regen for pressing W making her need to get passive procs to regain energy. **4.** Increasing Q cooldown would prevent her from procing passives very quickly.
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