Silver ranked problems

So i want to know if anyone else is having this problem, Currently i am in silver 2 and pretty hard stuck but as you might expect from a silver player "Its not my fualt its my teams" and that is sometimes true to an extent. At this time i am a jungle main, It seems to be the only way i can win so i can make an impact to the whole map. I used to only dou bot lane as adc and my friend support but i found that half the games our team would not ping m.i.a or such and then blame it on us for not warding even though we had double the ward score of them. So i decided that i would just go to jungle because i have a pretty decent understanding of the game and i could make an impact on the whole map. So i started doing jungle and Surprise surprise i went from about silver 4 all the way to silver 2. At this time i currently either play Kha or Noc since it seems they can snowball and make the biggest impact in the game or at least with my play style it suits me the best. Well i have been seeing a problem as of late with silver, So for a month or two now i have been bouncing between silver 2 and silver 1, It seems that most of my games in silver 2 are decent. I can go something like 13/4/8 as kha jungle and i get the rest of my team to do equally as good. But when i get into silver 1 i notice a very weird drop in play style almost. In silver 2 people would do things like Urgot top lane with zoe mid and that was perfectly good. But then when i get into silver 1 i notice more things such as Teemo top lane who go 1/9/3 and a ahri mid who goes 4/12/3 and as a jungler i try to keep most lanes afloat and its next to impossible to try to keep the game going when 2-3 out of the 5 players are doing horrible and i honestly do try to keep them going. I dont like to lie about my plays i do make bad plays that i wish i did not make but it happens its a part of growing as a player. But yet for some reason it just feels like Silver 1 is just a huge drop down from silver 2. Just this week i have been promoted to silver 1 at least 2-3 times and each time i do the very next day i get demoted back down to silver 2 because of either me doing bad plays or my team just not giving a crap it seems. I just want to see if anyone else has noticed any problems like this. I understand that people can say things like that is all of league and such but i have just noticed that it is so much worse this time around to the point where i pretty much am constantly getting promoted then demoted because it feels like almost all the games i get in silver 1 my team just does what they want and does not even try to win the game. I understand having fun by full ap tryn top lane who goes 0/8/3 in 15 mins is just screwing over the rest of your team and i just have been having to much of this sort of play style in silver 1 to even start to gain lp. I probably win 1 out of 4 games in silver 1 before i get demoted back down to silver 2, Which causes me to gain all the lp back to be able to get back into silver 1 just so i can get demoted back down because of people who dont care about the game and rather write off bad plays on someone else rather then them selves. They rather just not grow as a player and say "Hey i made a mistake let me remember not to do that next time" and they rather say "F**ck you mid lane you P***y". I just do not understand ranked what so ever, i truly do not.
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