Yuumi is exactly how you should NOT design an enchanter

You know why it took so long for another enchanter to be made? It's because if you want to make an enchanter that doesn't resemble the existing ones AND has a modern kit with counterplay and decision making you realize that the kit you just made is no longer an enchanter because they don't work that way. At that point you get designs like Bard / Rakan. They kind of have a heal, they kind of have a shield and other methods of keeping enemies away and protecting allies however their playstyle differ a lot when compared to existing enchanters. The problem with existing enchanters that aren't named Nami is that their main use is to heal / shield someone. A champion being focused around 1 thing isn't a problem on it's own, the problems arise when their 1 strength isn't directly counterable apart from killing them. Enchanters can't miss heals or shields, would be kind of stupid if they could. So the only method of dealing with them is to either brute force trough their heals and shields or kill them before they can heal and shield. {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} What do these champs all have in common? They are piss easy and walk right next to a carry all game like a fly to a piece of shit buffing them off cooldown. They can't offer frontline protection like Braum or Alistar WHILE being a support They can't offer pick potential like Bard and Pyke WHILE being a support They can't offer engage like Rakan and Thresh WHILE being a support The only thing they can do is to sit back and protect something that is all they are good for. THIS makes them a problem and when you try to make a modern enchanter you make supports that can do more things other than heal and shield AKA actually NOT making an enchanter. Now why is Yuumi bad design in that regard? Yuumi is like an enchanter but with even less counterplay. You can't kill her. She becomes a LITERAL ball of stats, she could almost be an item. Yuumi - 3500 Gold +20% Adaptive stats UNIQUE PASSIVE: Once you take damage that puts you 25% HP heal self for 40 - 120 (based on level) Health (8 second cooldown) UNIQUE PASSIVE: Gain a shield 50-300 (based on level) when you auto attack, lasts until broken (8 second cooldown) UNIQUE ACTIVE: Launches 7 waves of magical magic dealing 60-200 (based on level) magic damage and enemies hit with 3 waves will be snared Here, that is Yuumi. Instead of making an enchanter like Nami that has an actual good design for an enchanter you went ahead and made the worst enchanter in terms of counterplay imaginable. Let's create a situation here, there is a Jax running around and a Janna is protecting him. You can KIND OF get rid of Janna by hooking her or nuking her thus making the fight with Jax a lot easier. Guess what happens with Yuumi, you just got a Jax deluxe edition to fight because you can't get rid of Yuumi without killing Jax. But if you actually kill Jax you get a 2 for 1 deal because Yuumi on her own is about as useful as a super minion. You call that good design?
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