Solo queue needs to be fixed, skill discrepancies are getting out of hand

I'm pretty much unable to do anything to win games, because it's so heavily team dependent, and teams are not dependable. This game, for example, was thrown by my team mates at least seven different times. I was literally the only reason they were relevant, because they were all playing like shit; bottom lost, top went even, and the jungle was mechanically retarded. **I was roaming at level 4 as Vel'koz, just to prevent bottom lane from feeding too hard.** There were at least four different points where we could have ended, but my team refused to do so, and instead tried to dive their nexus turret/fountain for kills. The enemy team even knew they shouldn't have won, and said so in chat. **Even worse, I knew this game was very likely going to be a loss while I was 10-1-5, because my team mates were playing so poorly.** There's nothing fun about outplaying the entire fucking enemy team, and knowing that you're not going to be rewarded in any way, and still going to lose to something completely out of your control. There isn't even a 'what can I take away from this loss,' it's just a complete fucking waste of time with zero value. This has happened to me in my last four consecutive games. It's reaching a point where no matter how well I play, the entirety of the game is reliant on whether my team mates are dysfunctional monkeys. We may as well be flipping coins. I've been Diamond I in three consecutive seasons, and now I'm just floating between Platinum III and Platinum I because I have zero impact over whether I win or lose. I'm statistically more likely to win games because I reduce the number of potential handicaps on my team to 4, while the enemy team potentially has 5, but this only works out over thousands of games. Something needs to be done to normalize skill levels in ranked, because there is currently zero reward for consistently playing well. The idea that the unskilled players will just 'fall to where they belong' is wrong and not working, especially with the current state of the game. **EDIT:** I just had 4 games in a row like this, where I dominate and carry my team in the early game, but I know it's going to be a loss because they're all playing horribly.

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