You aren't really a "main" or "one trick"...

...if you change your primary champion monthly. ...if you only like the champion when they are weak or unpopular. ...if you only play the champion when they are OP or popular. ...if you don't have more mastery on them than your other champions. ...if you don't stick with them through nerfs and buffs. ...if you don't at least give them a chance after a rework/major change/key item change. Love how every time a change comes along that affects a champion suddenly everyone "mains" them. Even if they don't play them or only started playing them when they saw them do well in LCS. EDIT: At least MOST people could tell this was a semi-rage post about the players who suddenly a "Yorick Main" the second Riot reworks him. Even though they don't actually play him. At least MOST people realized it is about "flavor of the month" players claiming to be Syndra 'mains' because they saw Faker play her in LCS. Meanwhile they only have 3 total games on her. All in the last 24 hours.
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