The Boards need to read this article by Riot's Tryndamere. Tl;dr, Marc "Tryndamere" Merill talks about how Riot works behind the scenes, why they seem to be negligent and making false promises, and the future of Dynamic Queue. Basically, if Dynamic Queue screws up, they will bring back Solo Queue. The reason they're not bringing it back for now is because they have visions of making Dynamic Queue better than Solo Queue. While many can criticize, Marc brings up a lot of good points. He mentions how the work-related individuality can lead to teams going ahead and making statements that mislead players, as well as the reason behind the silence is uncertainty. They don't want to make promises we'll keep them to because there's still a lot of ground to cover. I feel like these boards need to start calming down about DQ. I know it sucks. We know it sucks. Riot knows it sucks. But we have to consider they are working really hard to do right by us as the players. They want to introduce a new, better ranked system. Yolo Queue could be a thing of the past. I'm probably going to get buried alive for saying this, but... you guys are severely overreacting on these boards. You're making a violent environment of negativity. You're shutting out Riot with your own riot, and anything Riot says that doesn't comform to the mob will be disliked into oblivion and just add fuel to the fire. You can disagree with Dynamic Queue. Riot doesn't like where it is, either. But for we as a community, let's please consider that Riot are just as much gamers as we are. We all love this game, since we've played it this long. Nobody plays a game they don't honestly love (given normal circumstances). Dynamic Queue is shooting for the stars. Let's wait and see if we hit the moon.
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