Did you guys prefer when pyke could solo lane or do you prefer the way he is now?

Honestly i think he was far less of a problem before they changed him. He had counter match ups top lane and wasn't able to snowball as much as he can now and honestly i enjoyed the fact you could play him outside of his "intended" role. He doesn't scream support when i think about him and honestly i would not mind if they balanced him around being a laner rather than a support. I get the frustration of people atm as i play pyke alot but i also hate playing against him. I say revert him back to what he was before the big changes and adjust his passive so that can not abuse it like he does now. Maybe make it to where he needs to leave combat to regen hp back or just flat out cut the passive healing in half and give him his wave clear back. I dunno i don't want to see one of my favorite champions gutted because of the outcry these boards are having. I agree he is over tuned but straight nerfing him is not the answer he needs further work than just simple number nerfs.
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