Here is why people hate this game but can not quit due to addiction:

1. If you are lower than Platinum in Rank your teammates have NO IDEA what macro play is. The will continually run around like it's a team death match with the mentality that having the highest kill counter wins the game. This is completely the opposite of how the Pro-scene works as you can clearly see the benefits of gold generation through PVE and Towers. - This line of thinking and play style is a directly caused by the mindset that "I need to carry to win the game." opposed to "I need to help my team to win the game." 2. ELO Hell exists. I'm also convinced that the system has built-in protection for Boosting which does not work properly. I quite frequently go on 10-20 game win streaks and the moment I lose 1 GAME, I am then paired with teammates who are, what I consider to be, on the downward spiral.. "losing more LP than winning" and I am paired against teams of the opposite "winning more LP than losing" and i believe this to be an attempt by the system to curb the LP i gained during my win streaks because it was flagged for potential boosting (on my own account). I took note of this after about 5 games in a row where I was no more than 1 death in the first 15 minutes while 3-4 of my teammates had around 3-5 deaths each and were all from chasing through the jungle, not even fighting over an objective or in lane. I started to make notes of it... on win streaks, teammates would consistently by 1-2 deaths at around 15 minutes, focusing more on objectives where as in lose streaks, 3-5 @ 15 and the only way to come back is to get to 6 items and hope a bad teamfight by the enemy wins us the game. Not fun at all and likely is a waste of 30 minutes as you're being stopped hard by 20 and the teammates you have do not want to FF. 3. Not enough education for an actual sport. This game is now considered a sport. It is not run like a sport yet expects to have a pro-scene and flourishing minor league scene all the while having no way to educate the players on how to play the game. This is mostly due to the fact most players are "trying to carry" and are not open to meaningful advice to assist in bettering the team's chances of success. There needs to be clear tutorials available IN THE CLIENT showing players HOW TO PLAY (such as HOW AND WHEN TO LANE SWAP, HOW AND WHEN TO SPLIT PUSH, HOW TO FORMULATE A TEAM COMPOSITION IN CHAMPION SELECT, HOW TO PRACTICE A CHAMPION BEFORE PLAYING IT IN RANKED, HOW TO KILL CREEPS (minigame??), HOW AND WHEN TO PUSH/FREEZE LANE, WHAT SOME COMMON TERMS USED MEAN, THE VALUE OF TOWERS AND NEUTRAL OBJECTIVES AND WHEN AND HOW TO TAKE THEM, ETC ETC. I should not have to explain these simple tactics every game to 4 indivisuals and hope they understand it without actually showing them how to accomplish it on the spot.. but wait, why are these noobs in ranked to begin with not knowing these things??? 4. No meaningful way of properly communicating to the team. You have to stop and type out things or ping and hope they understand that "Hey... I'm going over here to take this objective because it's FREE seeing the enemy is all dead or on the other side of the map.". 90% not the case and you will always have 1 or 2 players who think they have a better idea on how to win, even disregarding FREE OBJECTIVES THAT INCREASE MAP CONTROL AND PUSHING POWER. - Voice comms NEED to be added or this is only going to continue. Every other major game that requires TEAMPLAY and is supposedly BUILD AROUND TEAMPLAY --- HAS VOICE COMMS!!!!! I dont care if 14 year olds are crying in the mic calling me a noob (mute em), as long as they can listen and hopefully respond to meaningful communication this saves EVERYONE having to type LINES OF TEXT into the chat to help someone understand WHY NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO DO SOMETHING. 5. Ranked is flawed. It's not a linear system. It's a system designed to keep people AT A LEVEL. You will never advance your skills by playing ONLY ranked. You could... if the system allowed you to play against players of varying skill level. Playing along side Diamond Players or even AGAINST Diamond players gives you the ability to learn first hand. The ranking system needs to be changed to a linear system up until Master Tier. After that, the MMR system ACTUALLY WORKS. But on the 99% of the playerbase not in Master/Challenger, it doesnt. 6. The game is not balanced. Every patch there is some champions who are OP and some who are CRAP. Riot continually says they are trying to balance things but contradict themselves afterwards. I could balance this game in 1 week and still keep the bit of diversity they are trying for with the champions. Ranked should look like this: Challenger/Master untouched. Bronze to Diamond, straight Win/Loss Ratio gets you to the top. Your choice to queue up as 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Once you have the top 5 best scores, you are moved into Master the next day, the 5 bottom master move to Diamond, etc. This will promote better teamplay. Bottom line is that every game is a new chance to be victorious and that there is like a new light to someone who wants to be good at this game but is struggling through all the sludge that is clogging up the ladder rungs. I quit the game. The only way I'm coming back, even after pouring money into my accounts, is if I can find a Master or Challenger ranked team that will let me practice with them, only in hopes that those games (from what i see on twitch) are of better quality than the ones i see in the other 99% of games... or if Riot hires me to fix these problems for them. Which both are unlikely as i have the sneaking suspiscion that Riot doesn't actually want a better environment for the players, they just want addicts with credit cards. Goodbye league.

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