A thread about supports by a support

WHAT'S YOUR RANKED SUPPORT STORY? We're rare and we give life to query times by making them shorter. When's the last time you heard someone ask you to switch with them because they wanted support? haha, didn't think so. I started out as a soraka support/ ww jungle in season 4, soraka had an self aoe starcall q and a manaless e that silenced and did a little damage, boy did people not like that. This was also a time when zilean had on-click q bombs that was instant and not a skill shot, rengar was bugged and could q you 3 times rapidly without cooldown and pantheon could attack you and use skills on you as he used his r. Now, it is season 6 and I got Braum a month ago. Him, thresh and janna are my top picks for support. I'm not worried about being in bronze, I just play the best and let the game decide where I go. please don't diss my phantom dancer braum. black cleaver braum? yeah, go ahead - that was a bad idea tldr; my ranked support stories

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