Been testing the malphite changes

I have been testing the new malphite chamages and they are incredible. My only complaint is that when I play tank malphite ( which is what I normally play) my q feels kinda useless. In lane the mana cost is too high to justify using unless I’m running away and in team fights the damage is so low that it not worth using even for the slow. My idea would be one of 3 things: 1. Increase the slow. Making the slow more would give better use of the ability in team fights and would make it more useful to run away with. 2. Give it an armor scaling. Just a small one like maybe 10-15%. This would give the ability a little more damage in lane and teamfights to help pick off stragglers and poke more effictivley if your are going tank. 3. Lower the mana cost. Malphite has always had mana problems so lowering the mana cost on his q would go a long way to help the ability become more useful. All in all the changes are great and I love what riot is doing with my favorite rock, I just hope his q can be looked at a little more before the changes go live. Let me know what you guys think.
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