Petition to bring mages back mid lane

if you’ve played adc anytime after the new runes you’ll know how bad it is to play against a mage bot, and I’m not talking about swain adc or Vladimir adc. I’m talking about champions like zyra, lux and brand, and even Morgana. The “support” mages. In my opinion, there are a couple of reasons why they’re not great for the game. 1. These champions with comet and aerie and scorch, do a lot of damage, unless you take resolve, you will be chunked to half hp level 1 by being hit by literally one ability, brand w, lux e, Morgana w, zyra q, karma q. these big hit box abilities will poke very heavily, almost instantly taking away your lane pressure you had. And before you say it, it’s literally near impossible to miss most these. if you even walk up to cs at any point in the game you will get hit, which means if you play against a players who knows what they’re doing, you will likely farm under tower for all of laning phase. 2. These champions aren’t actually supports, most have one shield ability or none. The even worst part is, these supports take kills, the players will want to take kills on most of these supports because they spike on items, whenever my team plays these supports they always take my kills in lane even though I can easily get it. They also scale to insane damage on one to two items. And they carry the game, but not in the right way, supports are designed to make plays or keep the adc alive, not to 1v5. If you play these supports, your adc is basically dead every fight, you can’t do a thing to keep them alive if there’s an assasin. When you play these supports, you basically take away the fun of your adc and you’re just constantly trying to 1v2 the łane. You also won’t buy many support items, most go for just the warding item and some like karma or Morgana will buy one or two support items at best. 3. These champions should be viable mid, but they’re not, these mages were designed for the mid lane, most of these champs were mid laners on release, and the only reason they can’t go mid isn’t because their poke and clear are no longer good enough for the situation mid lane is in right now, mid needs map pressure and roaming priority, which doesn’t work great with these champs that don’t push well. I do like mid being a roaming priority lane, but these champions should still be made good there, they should also be not viable botlane, I would do this by making them more cs focused, like Veigar, veigar can’t push and is bad in this scuttle meta, but he can’t be a support because he needs to stack, They don’t all necessarily need stacks, but this is the idea, so these champions don’t end up bot lane, maybe make them more gold reliant or something. The bottom line is, these champions should not suppress adcs like they do right now, they provide instant lane pressure, and with some decent positioning and skill shotting, you will have lane pressure the whole time, that’s not interactive for the botlane to farm under tower and pray for a jungle gank This also isn’t the only case of champions going to a different role because of balancing issues, taliyah and ezreal were played as jungle champions, and then received nerfs to make them worst in lane. Ezreal I believe was due to duskblade and taliyah due to her q changes. Ezreal lost a large chunk of base attack speed and taliyah lost cooldowns and movement speed. If they can nerf these champions for going out of position they can change those mages.
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