Poke Support - Sorcerer's Shoes

Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to league compared to most players. Started playing Season 8 and I've finished Season 9 Gold IV Support, maining Zyra. I'm still learning all of the time and know I have lots to learn to master my role. One thing I've always struggled with is knowing when to buy Sorcerer's Shoes as a poke support. I'm struggling to understand the value of 18 magic pen early game vs. building AP first. I see a lot of builds recommend Sorcerer Shoes before building Liandry's but I'm struggling to understand why. I assume that it can be situational depending on who you are against in your lane but I still don't understand the value of early game magic pen. Sorry if I'm not explaining this well but ultimately I would love if someone could explain the value of early magic pen and why it might be better to build Sorcerer's Shoes first over building an AP item first. Thanks!
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