The ranked experience this season is beyond abysmal

Abysmal is a severe understatement. The ranked experience this season is so bad that leagues reputation is irredeemable. Every game without exaggeration has been riddled with crippling and noncompetitive qualities unfit for any multiplayer game. I've gotten 4 back to back notifications of punishment reports from players intentionally ruining games for the pettiest of reasons. Players on my team with under 50% win rates while without exaggeration the enemy team will have players with upwards of 80% win rates in the same game multiple times over. Ive seen so many smurf accounts in silvers dominating the game while in a platinum elo game and the game ends before 15 minutes. Ive been unable to escape my 39% winrate from the severe amount of loss streaks I face. Being a 6 year support main and having gotten a diamond rank 3 times before, I've never struggled so hard before. Games literally unwinnable before the match has started. So many s6, s7 and s8 silver players that are now in platinum elo and its completely changed the landscape. I can't ever take ranked seriously again. And these are just my gripes with the competitive aspect. What has everyone elses experience been like?
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