So, why is Ornn AD?

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's only 1 ability, but his kit seems to fall square in the middle of a tank subclasses, similar utility to Nautilus but with scaling more similar to Braum. With tanks being overwhelmingly AP. Though he doesn't exactly seem to be lacking the extra utility that you'd normally see from a champion (again, let's say braum) of similar qualities, but with better offensive damage scaling. But that's before you mention that he's actually mixed damage (Physical Q & E, Magic brittle, W, R), and thematically his Q seems like a magic damage spell along the lines of Taliyah E or Braum Ult thematically, but instead deals physical damage and scales with AD. It just seems really bizarre, and seems like an attempt to introduce AD into the support role. I mean, idk where people are taking him on PBE, but again he seems like he's be a middle ground of Braum and Nautilus for utility, easily pushing him primarily towards support, except he gets the AD scaling and itemization advantage.
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