I can't actually be the only one who finds Lux more annoying poorly designed than zoe.

Unpopluar opinion: She has signifigantly lower cooldowns, much safer to play and lane with, more viability in other roles, much harder to dodge abilities, 3 of her abilitiies forgive her for missing them (the pass through for Q that riot buffed a few seasons ago, the splash and ability to cancel her e which riot buffed in a few seasons ago, and her ult rewards her for not killing but at the very least **touching** an enemy champion and them dying [within what 15 seconds??]), and i personally fucking hate that bright as fuck sunshiny personality. And don't even get me started on how annoying she is in aram. Who in the fucks idea was it to give a mage with an Aoe long ranged nuke the ability to psuedo-reset on assist or kill? **Downvote me though biased lux mains please**. Don't worry RIOT wouldn't dare nerf their favorite mage seeing as they've been continuously buffing her over like 3-4 years. She was even one of the only mages to actually get buffed after the mage mana item nerf. Seriously if Zed and Talon weren't slamming people through brute force I'd just ban her ass. Even {{champion:103}}{{champion:1}} aren't this fuckin forgiving. She isnt even broken, but there are basically few to no moments of clear weakness. You've got like 6-8 seconds late game to kill syndra is she misses her E. Same with swain but i think his is like 8. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Lux click on history>scroll down to patch history> come back to me. Alright i exaggeratted but 75% of the changes were either buffs or reverted over time. **READ THE POST.**
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