Unscheduled Maintenance (Questions)

Since I have no actual life on my days off and I am going to wait for the servers to reboot I am starting this thread to answer questions about this maintenance being started. I am not a Riot employee and I am not pretending to be for that reason I can not attest to answers that are not made public knowledge yet such as the reason the maintenance was issued. The question that has popped up the most however I can answer at this time. Q: If you where in a game what will happen. A:As in previous maintenance issues the game has checked you out of the game. It will not count as a loss. The system will not Punish you and if you where playing Ranked you will not lose LP. Q: Why was the Maintenance issued. A: > We're fixing an issue where some accounts below level 30 are being allowed to join Clash teams. We are working on a fix, and will remove those players from their teams soon. Q: It says till june 1st! ? lol A: That only pertains to account transfers the game being down will be resolved before than.
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