We need a new enchanter and here is why.

Alright so before you rush to downvote my post and remind me of the ardent meta yes I understand it happened. However, this meta has completely shown up the ardent meta in how toxic it is making the game feel or become. When Riot announced they were making a new support I and a lot of other supports were thrilled to get another support as Rakan had been released the year earlier and we hadn't seen much since. I was excited, however, until I discovered what Pyke was. New champions say a lot about Riot's direction and what path they are taking in evolving the game. When Pyke came into the bot lane it was a clear signal to myself and many other supports the team oriented role of support to protect and set the team up for victory was put to the side in favor of the solo carry must damage win strat. Now before you go running to conclusions please tell me the supports you see in the bot lane? I can tell you since Pyke and in general 2018 the supports I see consist of Zyra, Brand, Vel'Koz, Swain, Heimerdinger, Pyke, etc. That's all it is nowadays damage, damage, damage, damage Jesus it's time to stop the arms race of bot lane. There is no reason a support should be 100 - 0 ing the enemy adc, but Riot's balance team literally incentivizes this. As a Rakan main I can tell you personally since the nerf to heals and shields just on Rakan without touching the increased ap ratios has incentivized me to go full ap Rakan instead of my preferred enchanter Rakan style. Nami was the last new champion released by Riot in 2012. Yes that's right FREAKING 2012. Enchanter's kits are based around shielding and healing as well as providing peel to protect the vulnerable members of their team from instantly dying or getting bursted down. The Enchanters haven't been able to keep up for a long time now. I know the community has a lot of mixed feelings on the class as a whole with many saying they can be brain dead champs at times or in fun to play. In my opinion now though it is time for Riot to take a 180 approach in the bot lane and a good start would be to release a new enchanter which could help Riot gain a sense of what the community wants from an enchanter. Hell, we could even do an enchanter rework to try and raise their skill floors and ceilings. Enchanters could be the needle in the haystack Riot is looking for to finally find their way out of this damage burst meta. I encourage them to give it a shot upvote if you'd be willing to give it a try as well.

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