Why did Riot kill the casual gamer? (Team Builder removal)

I want a response from Riot, because I am sick of playing only ranked and diet ranked. Why did they get rid of Team Builder? It was all I ever played. honestly after they removed it I uninstalled the game, and I have heard many similar stories to this. I have been playing this game since the start. I have put hundred of dollars into this game over the years and then Riot just decided that I didn't matter any more, none of the casual gamers did. All I want to do is play the champion I want to play. Don't force me into something I don't want to do, at that point it is not a game anymore, its not fun. When you click on PvP they give you this huge box of all the game modes possible and instead of filling it they get rid of the only thing keeping me playing the game. I just recently got back into it, playing ARAM a lot because I HATE ranked, but I wont put another penny into the game now that I know that Riot doesn't care about what I or any of the other casual gamers have to say.
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