MMR Reset is Such a Joke and if you play ranked before June you are dumb

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This is a smurf, but I am about a mid plat player. So I just started doing placements for season 9. I am 4-1 in placements, and was at "Gold IV". This is my load in screen to the game: 3 prior season plats and 1 prior season diamond. So my entire team, and probably enemy team, is all plat and diamond level players. We crush this game. I am now 5-1 in placements and I'm "Promoted to Gold 3". As you can see by the OP.GG, the game's MMR is apparently "Gold 1". HAHAHAHAHAHA. Right. Cuz you know, that's definitely what it looks like with all diamond and plat players. So now i'm 5-1 in promos. By this point, I will be matched with high plat/diamond players for my final two placements. So if I go 2-0, and go 7-1, MAYBE I get to start the season in Gold 2, MAYBE. Could still be Gold 3. But don't worry, all you have to do is win 75% of your games against plat and diamond level players to get back to Plat 4, where you finished last season. Probably where a lot of Mid Diamond - Low Masters players are currently sitting in P4. And if you don't? You'll just normalize your MMR back down to Gold. Making it harder to climb there later. Bottom line, this is an absolute joke. Why should players have to beat other plat and diamond players to get out of Gold? Its completely ridiculous, and if you play ranked before June, you are slitting your own throat. Instead, just wait until then when a big portion of the playerbase normalized, and then you will easily win 80% of your games and climb within 10 games, vs sitting here grinding against players diamond players to get promoted to Gold 2. BAHAHAHAHA. It's complete garbage. Fix this.
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