As much as Auto fill is a good concept on paper, it ruins too many games [Diamond 2+ (Diamond+)]

2. **Previous Post Was Deleted due to Wrong Board. So here it is again as the previous post brought a lot of traction.** 3. **I can only speak for Diamond+ (D2+) As well as for the more Competitive player base rather than the more casual who would rather play game faster.** 1. **Keep in mind, this does not mean Auto Fill needs to be removed to fix the problem. It simply is the problem currently and need to be tweaked at the very least and reviewed to better adapt to Diamond+.(Maybe other Elo too, I can personally only speak for what I know.)** But it is a massive problem right now that is not being addressed. I am not joking when I say 3 out of 4 champ select are dodged or trolled because someone did not get the role that they wanted. Toxicity, fine, you can mute. But auto fill just forces you to play with someone locking in troll champions in said role because they are not interested in playing that game. And tbh, I understand and feel what they are feeling because I don't want to play Jungle for example either and get hard flamed by diamond players thinking I can somehow out jungle a D2+ jungle main. * The amount of ticket I have placed in the last month alone about champion select held hostage because someone did not get their role, troll picks with ghost/cleanse. People being targeted on Int/Dodge list is disgusting. And I cannot keep making tickets every day because nothing will change. * I understand it is for faster queue, but if my queue is 30 seconds, and I get auto filled MID LANE(yes this happens a lot)... Something is clearly wrong with your system if it can't wait an extra minute to find someone in the most played role.(And that translate to other roles too.) The higher the rank, the more this should be looked at. * Take the latest CoreJJ Tweet about how NA SoloQ is garbage and needs to be taken seriously by players in order for the region to get better at worlds. Then that certainly is one of the steps to take. By removing auto fill you remove the trolls in that aspect of the game. I can guarantee you, in d2+ we don't care about queue times. We want quality games because at that level, most people don't just play the game just to play, many of us play it because we want to be the best or to hit challenger, some play amateur or even for some with pro dreams. Nothing messes with your mental more than having to lane bot lane with a lee sin support. TBH, lower that to even D4, where people are even worse in their trolling... Ask any high elo players, low diamond is the hardest to carry because of this... People don't try if they are not given what they want. So either u ban everyone, or remove auto fill for #1. * At the very least, take the time and dedicate one of you're staff to creating a survey sent to the player base. Put it on the client, if you want to separate rank because the answers may differ ? Then do so. But PLEASE, for the love of..., save your players mental and take at least this one step in the right direction. * If most players want auto fill, then look, majority wins. But give your players a chance to voice what they want and please, let us know the results too !? Keep in mind, Auto Fill does not need to be removed for it to be fixed. It needs to be at the very least tweaked and updated to what is currently happening. If adding a 3rd role to select from is a solution, good, do that. There's a multitude of different things you can do to mix things up and even get an in between that would already be better than what it is right now. It simply needs to be revised. **Auto fill as a concept is a good idea on paper, however, the way the player base responds to it, makes it a terrible implementation. If a good idea brings ; trolling, inting, toxicity and ff's a 3 minutes in the game because the player does not want to play/ints. Is it then a good idea still ? I personally, along with many others, do not think so.**
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