ahri rework/adjust/buffs?

in the past, ahri was the poster child of a well rounded, balanced champion (except for that one time she was stupidly overpowered) but with every consequent patch and ridiculous balance changes, ahri seems to fall in a very weird spot. currently, her range and mobility make her a great laner and a safe pick but as the game progresses, she falls behind greatly. she rapidly looses her ability to assassinate the backline unless you can pull some faker level plays or catch someone out alone and even then, if she misses one part of her q or her foxfires target a nearby minion instead (which happens alot more often than it should) her damage wont be enough to kill the target and she runs a high risk of losing the fight. during teamfights, she becomes a kiting machine keeping tanks at bay but her mana costs dont allow her to do so for too long. her ability to close out a game becomes weaker and weaker the longer a game progresses and shes left out-ranged and out-damaged. ive heard similar things being said by vertigal but compared to me hes a god. i played ahri to get out of bronze and i made it to gold 1 so i can say im decent with her but with every patch playing her gets harder and harder and picking her just doesnt seem like a good idea anymore.

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