Guinsoo's is a broken item *when keystones exist*.

Same with {{item:3161}} {{item:3153}}, and to an extent {{item:3071}} as well as Crit- and Lethality-stacking. Damage from these items being amplified by keystones is making AD champion dps nothing short of **B R O K E N** and **META-DEFINING**. The only reason mages are allowed to be as strong as they are without having dominating play rates is because these items + keystones on ad champions instagib them _**AS IF THEY WERE AS BURST-ORIENTED AS MAGES**_. The only real uniqueness mages have now is that they have _slightly_ more threat range than everyone else as well as forms of ranged hard CC. Magic pen only puts them on equal footing in terms of BURST as AD, not even **BURST PER SECOND...** So long as both these kinds of items and keystones like Conqueror exist, League will never see balance. Ever. **Ever ever ever.** _Mark my wooords..._
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