One thing Riot does not seem to account for in Ranked ELO

There are a lot of people the play sub par Champions because they like said champion. The ELO system only accounts a player by wins/losses but Some players lose more then win because they like to play say Zyra Mid (where she is suppose to be) if you do you WILL be losing more then winning. The system does not Handycap champs that BECAUSE OF RIOT are sub par. Your team is not adjusted because your team has shit champs. Basically You have to play Meta and TOP 5 of your role else you are hurting your Rank and your teams Rank. But since I have ZERO control on what my team picks as champs Im at their whim to if we are the underdog or not. Dodging is the only way to add any control over this and Riot really does not want you to dodge so hurts you for doing so. This is in part why Low ELO is such a shit fest and why if you only SoloQ can be hard or not possible to climb.

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